Planting design.

My particular interest is in planting schemes. The creation of new borders, re-working existing ones or a design for your pots and planters.  

After a visit to your garden and a preliminary discussion I can provide a hand drawn planting plan, with or without colour or 

alternatively prepare a simple plant list. 


Advice on particular problem areas, plant identification, pruning techniques, pests and diseases, soil improvement, plant suggestions or any other areas you might like help with.


I can make a one off visit and/or provide a written report should it be helpful.

Horticultural coaching

If you would like to learn how to maintain and manage your own garden I can provide one to one coaching. 

It could be a single session or a series covering the whole gardening year, offering comprehensive training and guidance, including written notes and ongoing communication in person or via email/video call.

Tailored to your specific requirements I can help you become a more confident gardener. 

Maintenance shedules 

A comprehensive, written report of monthly tasks prepared specifically for your garden. This can be as detailed as you require. 

Wildlife gardens

A one-off visit, walk and talk along with an optional written report of comprehensive advice on how to make your garden more wildlife friendly. The report would include plant recommendations, design advice with suggestions specific to your garden space with features such as, a wildflower lawn/meadow, bug hotels, a water feature/pond,  as well as guidance on the implementation and further recommendations on good, gardening practice to help you create a haven for beneficial insects and other wildlife.

Other services

Regular garden maintenance or specific, specialist jobs such as pruning, fruit and rose care, training and pruning climbing plants.

(Please note that I do not remove garden waste.)


I design and create indoor Terraria. I use glass containers of different sizes and shapes

The plants used are forest plants and mosses which thrive in a sealed terrarium with low light and humidity.

Desert plants, succulents/cacti which thrive in an open setting with full sun and little water.

I sell the Terraria through various outlets and work on a commission basis. Based in Huddersfield the Terraria need to be collected or can be sent via courier , however this involves some risk as they are quite fragile.

Areas covered

I am based in Huddersfield, HD7 and am happy to travel within reasonable distance. Where suitable a virtual visit may be sufficient using video call, email and photos.